Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Wahls Protocol Course?

In the Wahls Protocol Course, Dr. Terry Wahls teaches patients a radical new way to treat chronic autoimmune conditions using a unique, nutrient-rich diet inspired by Paleo principles. This course will also outline vital exercise and lifestyle strategies that will boost your energy, stabilize your mood, and reduce your pain.


Who is Dr. Terry Wahls, M.D.?

Terry Wahls is a doctor, researcher, professor of medicine at the University of Iowa, multiple-sclerosis sufferer, and bestselling author whose mission is to share her ground-breaking Wahls Protocol with others suffering from MS and other autoimmune conditions.

For more visit http://www.terrywahls.com.

What are the system requirements for the course?

The Wahls Protocol Course is built around multimedia modules supported by the most current web and mobile browsers. Accessing course material requires an internet connection (WiFi recommended).

How do I recover my password?

Returning learners can recover their password here.


How long does it take to complete a course?

All courses are self-paced. Go as fast or slow as you'd like! The course videos may be completed in one sitting; assignments and other course activities may require additional sessions.

You can watch the videos as often as you wish on your desktop and mobile devices.

Can I get a refund?

To request a refund, please e-mail wahlsprotocolsupport@penguinrandomhouse.com. No refunds will be given after 30 days following purchase or if the customer has viewed more than 20% of the course content.


Can I take the course off-line?

Currently the course requires an internet connection to access videos and resources (WiFi is recommended). Several resources, however, may be downloaded for printing or offline review.


Are there discounts for groups or multiple learners?

Contact wahlsprotocolsupport@penguinrandomhouse.com for more information.